ARNE VODDER (1926 – 2009)

[ʌne ˈvɒdə] was originally trained as architect by Finn Juhl, a key person of unique timeless design of the Modernism Movement. They also cooperated as partners in workshop they run together for several years after Vodder’s graduation.

Opening his own studio in 1951 Vodder projected blueprints for over 1,000 cost-saving houses that became very popular. During 1960s, the time Denmark was given wide abroad attention for its Modernism Movement, he designed plenty of sets of office furniture that succeeded particularly in the USA.

Vodder’s design can be easily recognized thanks to its timeless concept. One of the most characteristic, widely recognized work is the ‘OS29 Triennale Sideboard’ that Vodder won a gold medal for at the 1958’s Milan Triennale.

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Media Source: DaVint Design, 2014