Grete Jalk

Grete Jalk

GRETE JUEL JALK (1920 – 2006)

[greɪ-dɪ juːl jelk] adopted principle of functionalism during studies of Kaare Klint‘s atelier at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Jalk put stress on hi-quality materials and valuable craftsmanship in her designs.

Inspired by Charles Eames and Alvar Aalto‘s plywood works, Jalk created two gender-customised chairs for Daily Mirror’s competition in 1963. Despite she won the 1st price award so called ‘He / She Chair’ came into the production many years later.

During her career Jalk participated in developing of tubular steel furniture based on Bauhaus. Its clean, neat shapes and endurance materials laid background of a new line of Danish Modernism. Jalk was given abroad attention also due to her economic production drafts that simplified both, manufacturing and distribution process.

There are not much pieces of Jalk’s original designs left. Those available are highly appreciated.

Media Source: DaVint Design, 2015