Kai Kristiansen
Kai Kristiansen


[kʌy kres-tɪen’sn] started his career in apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. In 1948 he was admitted to Furniture Design in Kaare Klint’s atelier at the Danish School of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Kristiansen’s talent was quickly recognized. He set up his own workshop shortly after the graduation.

In cooperation with Schou Andersen they gave a birth to a wide range of iconic furniture, among others also to the geometric #42 Dining Chair (1960). Their design characterize harmonious equilibrium of form and function, clean lines expression and exotic wood usage.

Besides, Kristiansen was responsible for organizing regional Furniture Fair from 1956 to 1965 on which plenty of new talents emerged.

Kristiansen’s designs are clearly recognisable due to smooth geometry shapes accompanied by sculptured details. Majority of his work we collected shown great original condition because of its hi-quality production.

Media Source: DaVint Design, 2015