Arne Jacobsen

ARNE JACOBSEN (1902 – 1971)

Born in Copenhagen into a mid-class family of a trader and bank teller, [ʌne jʌ-kɒbsn] was persuaded to study architecture by his father as if he forecast son’s great career. During the studies Jacobsen became familiar with the architecture of Rationalism (Mies Van der Rohe) and aesthetic pro-social forms presented by Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret). Being influenced by modernists, Jacobsen became one of them too.

His very first work called ‘House of the Future’ introduced young Jacobsen to wider public as ultra-modernist. However despite Jacobsen himself believed he was first and foremost architect it is the furniture design he achieved the fame for. Very popular is the Egg ‘Ægget’ Chair (1958).

To restore Jacobsen’s designs it always brings us great pleasure as every single piece of his furniture features sophisticated, creative details. Sign up for newsletters to stay updated on new articles in our gallery by this master of design.

Media Source: Arne Jacobsen / Thau, C. & Vindum, K. – København, Arkitektens Forlag, 1998. – ISBN: 8774071912