Poul Henningsen
Poul Henningsen

POUL HENNINGSEN (1894 – 1967)

[powl he-nɪŋ’sn] – often referred to as ‘PH’ – was born into the family of writer by the time of no public electrification. This probably had the biggest impact on his interior lightning fascination that he achieved acceptance for. Henningsen also stated once that his biggest motivation was ‘to let people’s dismal homes wallowing in the light.’

Despite trained as engineer, Henningsen’s first job was in the profession of house painting. First furniture designs date back in the 1920s, when he worked as freelance architect for private clients. By this time Henningsen designed plenty of lamps, chairs and tables.

Known as PH Lamps, the multi-element lamps were based on scientific background of the light distribution and its determination by various form and material shades. The most popular lamp is the Artichoke (1958).

Henningsen also experimented with the steel base furniture giving unusual shapes not only to furniture itself but musical instruments too, e.g. Mira Flygel piano (1931).

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